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Programs for Teens, Pre-Teens & Ages 8+

In 2021, you'll see an even bigger focus on Teens



Last summer, we offered our first Teen DIY Studio Camp. It was so popular that our students asked us

to add more.  We did and those filled too. So then we added a year-round class as well.



It's become clear to us that Creativities

can give teens something they don't have enough of:  

A place without pressure.  


A place to hang out, relax, have fun, get creative, and learn very real skills in the company of peers.

Teens are able to take on even the most complex projects like fashion design and DIY carpentry, but they can also

choose to just have fun DIY-ing new room decor projects, creating a new scent for their candles, or making artwork.

We give them access to EVERYTHING we do in the studio, as well as talented, positive, fun instructors.


Teen DIY has also inspired our programs for Pre-Teens, and even our Creative

Entrepreneur Camp for students 8+.   So check them all out below! 


Our camps really are unlike any other in the city.  


For starters, we have an unheard of staff-to-student ratio of just 1 to 5.  We’re committed to that downright dinky ratio because we know it’s the only way kids can really run with their own designs and ideas, instead of just following directions.  That’s when the magic happens: the brain engages differently, and thus, develops differently.  


We will care for your child like they're part of our family. 

Because to us,

they really are. 

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