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It is easy to think of Creativities as being a place simply for kids- but we are really so much more. We are a family business made for families- and yes, that includes the adults. From sewing classes to ladies' nights to flower arranging we've got you covered. You work so hard to make your kids happy; at Creativities, we think it's about time you treat yourself too. 

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Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Wedding Rings


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Each person will bring a vase from home and we'll teach you how to work with beautiful flowers and a couple unexpected additions that are easy to find in any backyard and not only look great, but give it a far more artistic look.  

$55 per person.  If you have 15 or more, it drops to $50 per person.  Two hours in the studio.

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Each person can choose from any two fabrics they like.  They are a great way to add color and impact to a table especially for outdoor entertaining!  Everyone will learn how to use the sewing machine and leave with a finished project.  No experience needed.  

$40 per person.  If you have 15 or more, it drops to $36 per person and we will need 2.5 hours.  

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Sturdy and useful, they are great for outdoor entertaining and can double as a cute table-top display with candles etc. when not in use.  You'll be able to finish them out any way you like.  We have paints, as well as papers that provide a designer look, and many people do a combination of both.  They are really beautiful when finished.  

$48 per person.  If you have 15 or more, it drops to $43 per person.  For those interested, we can have a custom monogram stencil made of the family's initial ("P" for Parker). for $10.  Two hours in the studio.

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