9am - Noon or 1pm 

Monday - Friday

(6/14-6/18 and 7/12-7/16)

$245 OR $287

Ages 8+ (Students will be grouped by age) 


Design your own products and then paint, sew, build, etc. to create the products you’ll sell in your very own “Pop-up” shop at the end of the week.  Your family can join us on Friday to go “socially-distanced” shopping with “Creativities” dollars we’ll provide to your friends and family.  Please bring a lunch and beverage, and a snack if staying for the extra hour. 

Creative Entrepreneur Camp '21 (6/14-6/18 OR 7/12-7/16)

  • Stay and Play gives kids an extra hour after camp ends to have a snack  and work on a small open studio project. Many parents choose this option