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Summer 2021:


Pre-teen DIY

Hang out and make new things (including friends!) in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, with great music.  Try your hand at everything we offer. Sew something, make artwork for your walls, make scented candles or gorgeous cupcakes.  Learn beautiful script writing for signs, journals or artwork. Make a cool clay-covered pen set with a matching case. You pick the projects that interest you and spend the class relaxing, creating, and just having fun.

Camp runs Monday, June 21st  - Friday, June 25th 

9:00am-12:00pm OR 1:00pm

Ages 10+ 

Creative Entrepreneur

Design your own products and then paint, sew, build, etc. to create the products you’ll sell in your very own “Pop-up” shop at the end of the week.  Your family can join us on Friday to go “socially-distanced” shopping with “Creativities” dollars we’ll provide 

Camp runs Monday - Friday

(6/14-6/18 OR 7/12-7/16)


Ages 8+ (kids will be grouped by ages)


Beginner Sewing  2 hrs/day

Learn all the basics and more making a beautiful tote bag from fabrics you choose. Then make additional projects, like a scrunchy, headband or smaller bag, as time allows. We’ve packed a lot of sewing into these camps, and you’ll be qualified to jump into our Weekly Sewing Classes if you’d like to keep on sewing throughout the summer!

Camp runs Monday - Friday  Kids will be grouped by ages. 

10 :00am-12:00pm for ages 8-10 and 10-12

12:30-2:30pm for ages 10-12 and 12+


Beginner Sewing & Fashion Design  4.25 or 5.25hrs/day

We take all the basics covered in our 2 hour camp and add in more sewing time, plus design elements like fashion sketching, mood boards, and an awesome photo shoot to end the week!  4.25 hrs/day for camps that run Monday - Friday; 5.25 hrs/day for camps running Mon - Thur

Camps run Monday - Thursday or Friday depending on the week chosen.  

10 :00am-2:15pm. 

Ages 10-12, 13+ (kids will be grouped by ages)


Experienced Sewing & Fashion Design

A great chance for our experienced students to enjoy Creativities, spending 4.25 hours each day designing and sewing with our talented staff.  Relax and utilize everything our fully-stocked sewing studios and the new fabrics and trims we’re bringing for the summer!  Camps will be kept small and there will be lots of space so everyone can maintain distance.  We’ll end the week with a photoshoot and fashion show to capture your accomplishments!

Camp runs Monday - Friday


Ages 8+  AND  12+ (Campers will be grouped by age and skill level)

Project Runway : All day!

Spend the week like a true fashion designer, drafting ideas and making them come to fruition.  We will present you with fun design challenges, along with ideas and support.  It's a high energy, fun and uplifting week that ends with a photo shoot and fashion show.

Camp runs Monday, July 26th - Friday July 30th

9 :00am-3:30pm. 

Ages 10-12  and  13+ (Campers will be grouped by age and skill level)

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