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camp in a box

As much as we would LOVE to have everyone back in the studio, we recognize it can’t be done safely with some of our camps.  So we’ve created home-based summer camps that are so fun and engaging, parents will still be able to get their own work done, and kids will be armed to get creative well beyond the camp hours.  On the day of the camp we’ll go LIVE from Creativities on Zoom so you can join us and interact with our fun staff and other campers.  After the LIVE event, you’ll have access to the camp any time you want!  


Consider our Creative Entrepreneur Camps or our Sewing Camps.  We’re confident we can provide these camps on-site safely by cutting our capacity in half and using social distancing practices, which we will require of all attendees. 

if you really want

to be at creativities..

We're going to show kids how to be creative at home, well beyond camp hours. We want them to think first of making things, not watching things.

5) great habits

4) diy starter kits

3) No restrictions on ages & #of kids

2) Replay instruction at any time!

More projects than we have time for in an on-site camp.  Extra projects = kids kept busy longer = parents can breathe

1) Extra Projects!


Every camp includes tools and supplies you can use for future projects at home

If your child is ready, or you have someone on hand to help, you can purchase this camp for any age, and any number of kids. 

important shipping information

As our returning customers already know, Creativities is a family-run, small business whose top priority is always to provide a creative outlet and sense of community for our customers! Due to the plight of COVID-19, and the physical size of our "Camps-in-Boxes", there is a small charge of $15 for those who choose to have their package shipped versus the traditional in-store pick-up option. We are working hard to eradicate this cost in the future and appreciate your understanding in the meanwhile:)

camps in a box have some big advantages 


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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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