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Thursday 12/21  Ages 9 and up


Just ADDED: Friday 12/22 9:30am -12:30pm $69


PARTY OF FOUR!  Sign up with three other people under our Party of Four option and all four can stay the full 3 hours (or any portion of it (Friday: 9:30am -12:30pm) for just $59


Get ready to make multiple gifts/projects! You choose (as always) exactly what you want to make and how you want to make it.


We have all sorts of new starter projects, some holiday/winter themed, many are not.  We'll be ready with every color of paint you can imagine, and beautiful, interesting papers, fabrics and embellishments, so you can create in a way that just isn't possible anywhere else. 


Just one example: 


Make a "Cocoa Kit" (a great gift for any winter month).  Paint a mug, add a packet of hot cocoa mix, and then paint life-like white mint leaves that can be melted into the cocoa. We've got everything you need to make these, and they make a wonderful gift. 


Come with a list, or come just to have fun and be creative. 


On FRIDAY 12/22 we have just one option: 

3 hours 9:30am -12:30pm


Choose from our wide range of Starter Projects made from wood, metal, ceramic, glass and paper mache.  Then pick out  your paint colors, and other design elements such as wooden words, metal fixtures, washi tape, papers and ribbons to create beautiful project !  We have a great stash of clay so you can also make embellishments for your projects, and many people enjoy working with the clay as their project.  The choices are endless and our instructors are there to help.  


Join us! 


Winter Break Open Studio

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