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NEW! safe, clean, fun

We’re excited to announce our DIY kits, made with love and over 10 years of experience keeping kids busy, happy and creative… for as long as possible ;)

Pick up Mon-Thursday 1-4pm.  Orders are ready the day AFTER you place your order. Kits will be in a bag with your last name on it, on our front porch: 7010 Miami Ave. Madeira Ohio 45243

100% Clean

We’ve designed 3 new kits that are perfect for Mother’s Day, Graduation, Teachers, or just for YOU!  You can keep the kids busy with these fun projects, or carve out some time for yourself. 

Face Mask Kits




Calling all students: You are needed! 

Your talents, your time, your determination - they are all needed!  Help us make 1000 masks! We’ve made kits with everything you need, priced just to cover our costs.  If you’re going to be donating your masks and/or can’t afford the kits, email or FB message us and we’ll gladly give you a kit for free.  

Don’t forget: We have free tutorials on our Facebook page too! 

Pickup times:  Monday: 1-4pm  Tuesday: 1-4pm   Wednesday1-4pm  Thursday 1-4pm 

You must place your order by 4pm the day before the day you wish to pick it up.  


Back in stock!  And more new wood projects are coming soon.

These great planters are back!  We’ve added fun papers and mod podge for adhering them, as well as coating the final project.  With 3 planters and a base, you can work on this project for hours or keep it quick, and it makes a great family project. The basic planter kit includes the 3 planters and base, sandpaper, 3 fun cardstock papers, mod podge and a brush for applying it. $37 Need paint supplies, add on our Paint Kit and you’ll be ready to go!  ($19)

No paints at home?  Add on our Paint Kit which includes brushes, a palette and 6 bottles of paint in fun colors that can be mixed to create your own new colors too! The palettes are great for this, and are reusable. $19

The paint supplies are optional for this kit.  If you need paints, brushes and a palette, just add our Paint Kit and you’ll be ready to go! 


KIds LOVE clay!  They will go for hours allowing you to work, rest or help other children with school.  Bake it in your oven at 275 degrees and you’re done! All of our clay kits come with instructions.

Watch our FREE Facebook Live Clay Class on our FB page!

Pickup for the Clay Kits: Pick up Mon-Thursday 1-4pm.  Orders are ready the day AFTER you order.


Back in stock soon!

We have new crayon molds so you can supplement your stash! 

Check out our free Facebook Live class on our Facebook page that shows you how to make your own crayons in easy steps and gives your kids creative ideas for making their banners.  

Melt old crayons in one of our silicone molds and create your own multi-colored crayons in fun shapes. We’ll send you the silicone molds and a bag of previously used crayons incase you don’t have any around, and don’t worry:  These crayons were put into ziploc bags over a year ago and our studio has been closed to the public for over a month. We're also sending a large sheet of banner paper for the whole family to test out their crayons.

Pick up Mon-Thursday 1-4pm.  Orders are ready the day AFTER you order.