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Our camps really are unlike any other in the city.  


For starters, we have an unheard of staff-to-student ratio of just 1 to 5.  We’re committed to that downright dinky ratio because we know it’s the only way kids can really run with their own designs and ideas, instead of just following directions.  That’s when the magic happens: the brain engages differently, and thus, develops differently.  


Our setting is an 1860's farmhouse with a yard and gardens.  It's the perfect place to use your own two hands to make things again.  Phones and screens go away as students sew, paint, build, sketch, cook, garden, sculpt and just have FUN!  Our students are learning real skills rarely taught anymore, while having a good old-fashioned, happy  summer.


We will care for your child like they're part of our family; 

and indeed, 

to us, they really are. 

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