Sewing & Fashion Design is a huge part of what we do at Creativities!  Our students can make anything: beautiful clothes, pet beds, prom dresses, bags, luggage, and items to redecorate their rooms.  Some of our students have even been inspired to major in Fashion Design in college. All would likely tell you that sewing/designing is a great break from the pressures of school, sports and busy schedules.  It’s fun, stress-relieving and screen free!

Sewing Camps run Monday-Friday for one week. 

For once-a-week sewing classes           

Beginners can choose from a 2 hr/day Beginner Sewing Camp, or a 4.25 hr/day Sewing + Fashion Design Camp, which includes all the basics from the 2 hour camp, a lot more sewing time and the addition of design elements like fashion sketching, mood boards, and a really fun photo shoot.  Friends and family are invited to their fashion show at the end of the week! 

Experienced Sewists (including anyone who has already completed one of the Beginner camps described above) can take our 4.25 hr/day Experienced Sewing + Fashion Design camp.  It’s the same as the Beginner version, but with projects appropriate to your more advanced level. This camp is perfect for returning students who can’t make our Weekly Classes work.

Beginner Sewing (2 hr)