Open Studio +

Winter Break

When was the last time you made something?

Open Studio is a chance to slow down and use your own two hands to make something of real value, both to you as the maker, and to your recipient.  Gifts made by hand simply mean more.


Come in by yourself, with a friend, or bring a child.  We have projects for all ages 6 and up. Drop off any child age 8 and up for an additional $5 added to the $10 Studio Fee which covers use of our studio for up to 2 full hours: all the tools, brushes, paints, etc.  Add to that, the cost of the project(s) you choose ranging from one bar of clay ($3.59) to our more complex projects topping out at $40. The majority of our projects fall in the middle at $12-$20. There’s no better place to be during the holidays than our warm and inviting farmhouse in downtown Madeira.  And there’s no better way to beat the stress of the holidays than using your own two hands to make things for those you love.


Reservations are a very good idea during the holidays, but they are not required.  If we’re full when you arrive, pop next door to the world’s best coffee and gelato shop (La Grassa) and you probably won’t mind the wait a bit!