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This is for students who have sewn with us before.


We have Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (By Invitation Only)

9 week session that begins the week of Monday, February 1st and ends the week of April 5th.

Skipping the week of March 29-April 2nd.


Each of these levels is also broken out by age groups.  If you aren’t sure which level is the best fit, call us at 513.272.1500.  We’d be happy to help you figure it out.  Because we keep our classes so small, everyone gets individual attention, so there is no hard and fast set of skills you must perfect before moving up.  As a general rule, most students stay at each level for about a year before moving onto the next level.  Younger students may stay at a level a bit longer.  Because so many of our students stay with the program, we generally increase the level of the class along with the students, so that they don’t have to find a new day and time in order to move up a level.  


If you would like to reach out to a classmate and do not have their contact information, let us know and we will reach out for you. 

Cost of any "Experienced" sewing class is $298 + material fees
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