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Wednesdays  7:00pm - 8:40pm:  Feel free to stay until 9pm and keep on sewing!

October 19, 26 and November 2nd


You will LOVE sewing!  And it's much, much easier than you think. 


This class is part instruction, part joy. It's a chance to learn a skill you will absolutely love, but also a chance to decompress and have fun in a beautiful and laid-back setting.  If you've never been to the Barn in Mariemont, you're in for a treat! 


No experience needed at all. If you have some, that's fine too. If you're highly experienced, we'd recommend waiting for a later session.


On the first night, we will choose the projects together and dive right in. You'll be able to choose your own fabrics from our curated and varied collection. Choosing fabrics - which is basically playing with fabrics - is one of life's great pleasures, if you ask us. It's creative and oddly soothing to look at, feel, and drape beautiful fabrics as you dream up what you want to make. 


Feel free to bring a friend or a bit of wine; whatever will make it two hours of bliss for you.  You can share the link and we'd be grateful if you did! 


Wednesdays  7:00pm-9:00pm:  Arrive at 7pm but leave earlier if you need to. 

October 19, 26 and November 2nd

$168 + Fabrics which are discounted and billed at the end of the session. We will be teaching you how to choose the right types of fabrics for specific projects, and how to determine how much you need. 


Wednesday Adult Sewing

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