For experienced sewists who want to create their own line and brand, and document it in a way that can be presented to schools, scholarship committees, or just for their own pride!


Sewing and designing are very significant skills, representing hours of study and hard work.  We have many students who are sewing and designing at a high level.  We believe they deserve recognition for their talent and hard work.  


A portfolio, well photographed and styled by your student with the help of professionals, will afford them that opportunity.   

Portfolio students will spend a significant amount of time of designing and sewing, but they will also receive training in sketching, pattern construction, photography, styling, graphic design, and business skills such as ethical branding and trend forecasting. This is a serious (but fun!) camp covering topics generally taught in colleges.  We know we have a lot of students ready for it, and we know how to make it fun! 


Friday will be all about the photo shoot and the Fashion Show which will be the final piece of a really wonderful week.  We will be promoting the fashion show city-wide with friends and family getting front row seats.     


Students will be grouped by age and skill level, but this will be a small, intimate camp in which everyone will be supported as they build their own distinct brand and line rooted in who they are, not the latest fads or trends. Camp runs from 9am - 4pm. Ages 12+ (kids will be grouped by ages)

Portfolio (7/22-7/26) Ages 12+

  • Receive money back with the exception of $100 if you drop out before May 1st. After May 1st, no amount can be refunded.