Each kit makes 4 masks with three layers of fabric + ties.  Facemasks made with ties rather than elastic are often preferred.  The elastic can be a bit irritating behind the ears, and ties are more easily adjusted to the preferred tightness.  However, ties are more expensive to make. This kit includes all fabric needed to make the masks, including fabric to make the ties.  Bias tape is no longer available at this time, but we will show you how to make your own ties with just scissors, an iron, and your own two hands. Watch us on our Facebook page on Monday, April 27 at 11am and we’ll show you how to make your own ties right at the beginning, followed by the entire mask.  A pattern for the mask is also included in the kit.     


Pick up Mon-Thursday 1-4pm.  Orders are ready the day AFTER you place your order.

DIY Face Mask Kit w/ Ties (makes 4)