The Fabrics are Coming! The Fabrics are Coming!

July 15, 2010  

Just got back from New York City, which included a visit to one of our major fabric distributors with two of my 11 year old daughters along for “market research.”   Moving the samples around – putting this one with that one – pulling in different ones from different lines that shouldn’t work together, but somehow do – I was in heaven!  Having two of my daughters with me… priceless!

Within a week, we’ll have our first shipment arriving, and within three weeks, even more coming.  I am mapping out the schedule for our Sewing Studio Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, August 7 but I can tell you that it will include great deals on EVERY fabric, a lot of fun events, and a book signing by Judi Ketteler whose new book, Sew Retro, is just hitting shelves.

I can not wait to share my love of fabrics with all of you.  In the last 2-3 years some really great, young designers have been coming to the forefront  and I’ve spent 18 months tracking down the best, and leaving out the rest.  Even if you don’t sew (yet, that is) come see them just to enjoy the great designs, and the feel of good fabric between your fingers.  One of life’s greatest pleasures if you ask me.


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